We believe the best advert for our services are the testimonials from those who use our service.  We've included some of our past and present testimonials and words of thanks from our service users and their families.

My aunt has been using Violets Services for a year.  We have always been very pleased with every aspect of the service, from communication, setting up the care package through to the excellent personal attention which my aunt receives every day.  The carers are punctual, cheerful, patient and very attentive to individual needs.  Violets have a thorough understanding of the fine needs of the client and do all they can to assist the client to achieve their full potential.  If there are any concerns these are always dealt with immediately and efficiently, for example, my aunt fell over and the carers rang the paramedics and waited with her until she was safe and comfortable.  I would not hesitate to recommend the service that Violets provide.
Mrs L, Dunstable

To all you lovely ladies at Violets.  I would like to thank all of you especially Dads regular carers for everything that you have done for him.  It has made the last 12 months for Dad more bearable, knowing good people were seeing him.  Many thanks for everything.
Mrs G, Dunstable

To all at Violets.  We would like to thank you all for the kindness and the care you have shown to our mum, D, over the last couple of years, we have certainly appreciated it.
Mr E, Dunstable

To the management and staff at Violets.  We would like to thank you all for the loving care that you gave Mum, without which we could not have kept her at home to the end.  Please now help us to look after Dad as we know you will.  Many thanks.
M Family, Dunstable

To Violets and all the carers that have been looking after L.  I would like to express my sincere thanks for the kindness and love that have been shown to us and our family.
Mrs K, Dunstable

I would just like to let you know that I am very happy with all of my carers.  They treat me very well and I don’t know what I would do without them.
Mrs D, Dunstable

To Violets, me and my husband wish to thank all the carers at Violets for their help and kindness, they are always friendly to us both, thanks you for what you are doing.
Mr & Mrs S, Dunstable

Dear Violets, we have experienced other care providers prior to having Violets and have to say that Violets give a much higher standard of care and we are so pleased that they care for Mum.  My mother’s carers are fantastic, she see’s regular carers, which makes a big difference.  Violets also accommodated the times that we requested.  The communication is very very good and if there are any problems or concerns we are notified immediately.  They go the extra mile and are really helpful. Thank you Violets for the wonderful care my mother receives, it really is peace of mind for us as a family to know you are looking after mum.
N Family, Dunstable

Thank you Violets for taking such good care of mum over the last 3 years.  We appreciate the service we have had from all of you.  Thanks for always being so helpful and supportive.  We are all very thankful that mum was treated with such friendliness and kindness.
S Family, Dunstable

Hi there, the team at Violets.  Once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the care that “actually” takes place in mums home.  Mum is much frailer now and we know things take longer than they used to.  We are very grateful and we know that she is too, so THANK YOU.
T Family, Dunstable

Thank you to everyone who helped look after G in any way over the years – organising and caring.  You made such a difference to both our lives.
L Family, Dunstable

Dear all at Violets, Thank you for the years of service you have provided us.  It has made a huge difference.  G has already said how much he misses the daily visits.
Mrs W, Dunstable

Dear ladies of Violets, Thank you so much for your care and kind words.  I cannot begin to say how grateful I was for your care and humanity shown to my husband.  Even though I only knew you a short time, I will never forget you.  God bless you all.
Mrs T, Dunstable

Dear Violets Staff, Just a few lines to thank those of you who cared for mum.  She had a wonderful team of cares who looked after her so well.  I know she was fond of you all and without your help and support we could not have kept mum at home as was her dearest wish.  Kindest regards.
J Family, Dunstable

Violets, Just a big thank you for the care – real care- provided to my mum and dad by your team of dedicated carers.  The difference to them and myself has been wonderful.  I am now able to be their loving daughter and not their carer.  We all thank you.
T Family, Dunstable

Dear Violets, Just a note to say a big thank you to you and the team for the wonderful care you gave to our mother.  My sister and I really appreciated the kindness and care that she received from your staff both at home and via the office.  Including yourselves, mum had 3 home care companies looking after her over the years, and we thought you were the best in regards to professionalism, organisation and quality / consideration of staff.  Please pass on our thanks to your staff who cared for mum.
F Family, Dunstable

To all at Violets and especially the carers who looked after my mum.  Thank you all for the care you gave to mum and for enabling her to stay in her home over the last 5 years.  She always looked forward to seeing you and chatting to you.
K Family, Dunstable

Dear Mrs Terrey, thank you so much for the help your carers gave me.  Always on time and willing to do whatever I needed.  Best wishes.
M.H, Dunstable

Dear Violets, I really appreciate your care and concern for mum and know that you will let me know if you are at all worried.  She is a lucky lady to remain in her own home and this is her dearest wish, which couldn’t be achieved without the dedicated carers from Violets.
Mrs S, Dunstable

Dear Violets, I wanted to write and thank you all for the kindness shown to my aunt.  This support was much appreciated and really helped to support E through a difficult time.  Indeed the caring enabled her to stay in her home which meant so much to her.  E spoke highly of all the visits and the backup was invaluable.
G Family, Dunstable

Violets, we feel very pleased that we are still able to have our wonderful carer who has been with us for over 6 years now.  Occasionally we have other carers (holidays and sickness) and they have all been very good too.  We would also like to pay tribute to the office staff who always manage to get carers for short respite breaks, thank you.
Mrs G, Dunstable

Dear Mrs Terrey, Your staff  look after my mother 3 times a day.  This week I have been staying with my mum and have met 3 of the carers.  They do a terrific job.  Please know that you have committed and dedicated staff who make a tremendous difference to my mum. Thank you.
Mr C, Dunstable

Violets, I cannot imagine what life would be like without “My Violets”.  They are all wonderful friends to me without exception.  It is not just what they physically do – but they boost my morale and restore my confidence when I need it.  I feel all your “angels” are my friends and I love them all.  I can’t think of one thing I could possibly complain about! God bless you all.
Mrs S, Dunstable

To all the staff at Violets, just to thank you all very much for the immense care and kindness you have shown to my parents in the past few years.  Your cheerful visits and caring dedication have brought them much pleasure and without your help, they could never have stayed living together for so long.  They can never speak highly enough of you.
P Family, Dunstable

To Violets Homecare, we would like to thank all concerned for the care and help given to my husband and I, which was such a great help and kept us going from day to day.  The chats kept us happy over a bad time, thanks to you all.
Mr & Mrs B, Houghton Regis